2020 AR-exploration on pack
I touch it; I buy it. 
the mission

Create an innovative in-store activation that helps to communicate the Milka portfolio and brings people to stores. Preferable, a younger audience should be activated. 

the approach

Entertaining and unique AR filters are everywhere in Social Media. They are straight forward fun for a younger audience, and for older generations, they are mostly unseen. 

the idea

Designing an interactive "magic mirror" triggered by Milka chocolate bars to play unique AR effects. With 46 different bars in the Milka Portfolio, there is a lot to explore. A mechanic to drive sales can also be included once the AR experiences are created. 


Covering space in a store is crucial to generate sales. Therefore a special activation zone with a 9x16 Screen as its centrepiece should be built. It has to be close to Milka products or racks, with a selection of Milka bars has to be included in the design. The screen comes with a camera and any ARKit capabilities. 

A strong CTA asks you to grab one of the chocolate bars and bring it to the screen with you. A "curtains" pulls up and reveals you with the active AR-effect, which is triggered by the pack you choose. All effects should enrich the selected product story-wise. After a short period, a sharing card comes up the screen, and you can send yourself a video or picture of your effect via social media or wifi. 

Go grab another bar and see what happens. 

A rough journey test
1. An area indicates where to hold the bar. 
2. Small animation feedback to confirm the interaction. 
3. A loading screen 👍🏽
4. Multiple sharing and saving options to extend the activation. 
Example effects

With the many possibilities, AR offers you can do almost everything. You can add features to a scene, change the light setting or even cut out someone and place them into a new location. Even small interactive games with body-tracking are possible.