Spring of Clouds*

2020 Event activation
Building a teleportation device
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the mission

2019 Emirates was one sponsor of the SIGNAL Festival in Prague. Besides logo representation, Emirates was also present with a projection mapping. In 2020 they were willing to participate even more. 


Find an idea of how Emirates can fit the SIGNAL 2020 motto "Technology, people and planet". 

Screenshot 2020-11-09 at 12.06.07.png
the approach

A large scale interactive installation is the next step when the last creative was a "static" projection mapping and fitted audience, event size and client.

the idea

Every four years there is a World EXPO. 

Every four years, we have a limited impression of what is happening there and how we are represented there. Same goes for the Czechs and their representation at the EXPO 2020 in Dubai, which takes place simultaneously with the SIGNAL Festival. 


Bringing the Czech EXPO 2020 Pavilion from Dubai to Prague's SIGNAL Festival 2020 is a "show don't tell" approach with cultural relevance, a matching theme, "Opportunity, mobility and sustainability", and allowing to inform the Czechs about Dubai and Emirates in a natural way.  

Partnering with SIGNAL and Studio R/FRM, Emirates is bringing the core piece of the Czech pavilion from the EXPO 2020 in Dubai to the SIGNAL festival in the form of large scale cloud installation. 


SIGNAL: "[…] Nothing like this was ever done in the Czech republic before, so it's an exceptional chance  […] (The) value that can be created together […] is much more."

gameplan & execution

The core piece of the "CZECH SPRING"-Pavillion is S.A.W.E.R., a unique invention by Czech scientists and engineers which transforms air into water. The object exhibits in the form of a Cloud, which is the dominant attribute of the entire pavilion. 





In the yard of Invalidovna, Studio R/FRM is creating an emotional and unique outdoor installation, where the five elements of S.A.W.E.R. (SOLAR, A.I.R., WATER, EARTH, RESOURCES) are experienced. The central motif will be a cloud formed by a water mist. It is complemented by a set of reflectors and speakers to illustrate the ephemeral atmosphere of change.

Structured into five phases, the installations cycles through different lighting and (mechanical- /air-) movement stages, each supported by an ever-developing soundscape. Creating a rich and deep experience through the installation's organic nature, every moment of beauty is unique. Translating the S.A.W.E.R. elements into emotional metaphors further increases the relevance on a human level.


From left to right, the canvases with first artistic interpretation moods:

Solar = Birth | Air = Breath | Water = Transformation | Earth = Growth | Ressources = Connection 


Entrance area from 2019s installation


Five canvases placed around the installation will deliver further information for each phase, allowing a deeper understanding. After each cycle, the canvases will show specifically created Emirates content to strengthen the connection to Emirates further. 

First sighting from 2019s installation


Impression I from 2019s installation

Impression II from 2019s installation

Impression II from 2019s installation

Visitors can freely explore the installation from every side while "The Spring of Clouds by Emirates" cycles through its stages. 

JAN TŮMA, Co-Founder, Architect and Artist at Studio R/FRM:

„Nature and technology are combined in one living organism, whose individual parts and transformations come from S.A.W.E.R. Thus, in a poetic and metaphorical form, it (The Spring of Clouds by Emirates) transmits the central idea of Czech participation from the EXPO 2020 to the Signal Festival.”


Let's hope for the best in 2021.