About me

Fascinated by technology.
Intrigued with games and human behaviour. 
Does not like to write about himself.



**Uncomplet List: 

 Experiential Design   Game Design   Product Design   Digital Ideation   Experience Design   Motion Design   Editing   Art Direction   Movie Direction   Campaign Development   Escape Room Design   Project Management (SCRUM)     Human Centric Design   User Experience Design   Photo- and Videography   Graphic Design 

*I have a learned a bunch of things which are now not so super useful like loading different airplane types, help retooling an ambulance airplane into a cargo machine, use up to 16T forklifts, waitressing in 2 stars restaurants and managed waiter-teams on large events, using different industrial machines like cnc-lathes and a thing or two about mechanical engineering… I lived with 11 flatmates for 5 years where I am pretty sure we learned something there…


Oh and I can blend in many cultures on this planet which I am actually really proud of. 

Work Experience


Experience Designer at Geometry Global/VML&R Commerze

Started as Art Trainee with a focus on campaigning, activations and motion design for Emirates, Maserati, Blackrock, Werner & Mertz, MEWA and many more. After becoming an Art Director in October 2018 I redefined my role one year later to focus stronger on digital product and experience design.  

October 2015-Ferbruary 2016

Yeap.. and I eventually want to go back to teaching a little bit. 


Freelancing Game and Communication Designer

Survived for a while with small editing and animation gigs, some UX-consulting, sometimes some graphic and web design stuff, supported the first global YouTube-View Donation campaign… so basically I'm helping out friends and people I coincidentally somehow meet, with everything I got. 

June 2015-September 2015

Game Designer & PM at ExitVentures GmbH

Designed and build the SILO. 

October 2013-February 2015

Game Director & PM at Big Bonsai Games

We founded our own games studio during our studies where we worked for the Gebr. Reinfurt GmbH & Co. KG and the Blood God, who is a metal musician in case you are wondering.

May 2014-September 2014

Junior Game Design Consultant at AmbiGate GmbH

During my bachelor internship me and a fellow Game Design student wrote the first Game Design Document Draft for a physiotherapy theraphy-game-world. 

2013 for 3 Months

Had some free time after my semester abroad in Bangkok. I applied for an internship and was invited back later again. Besides some print and animation tasks, some UI/UX, a exhibition booth, taking the new CI for a test drive, working on a guidance system in the new office, I mainly enjoyed to learn a lot from a really great and lovely team.  

January 2009-November 2010

Airman 1st Class at German Air Force

I can load and unload planes, went to Uzbekistan for ISAF. Meet some people, made friends. Nearly stayed there to become an officer.  

April 2004-March 2006

Got elected, worked a lot in the pilot project and today the youth council is a fix member in the counsellor mix of my home town. 


October 2011-March 2015

Macromedia University for Applied Sciences, Stuttgart

Medien-/ Kommunikationsdesign, Game Design (B.A.)

August 2012-December 2012 

Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok

Part of my design studies with Thai culture, Entrepreneurship, Radio and TV Production

October 2010-October 2011 

Bergische Universität Wuppertal

Mechanical Engineering (did not finish ofc)