Doodle Destination

2017 Social Media & DOOH Activation 
Machine Learning and Image recognition 
the mission

Inform and inspire an new generation of young travelers about the Emirates destination network. 

the approach

Emirates offers you every dream destinations you can think off.

But maybe just don't know what you are looking for? And even then knowing the perfect spot is not so easy and you need some luck to find it.

Beach Sunset
the idea

When describing a location, a room or an idea what do we do? We scribble. Some lines, throwing a shapes on a paper and voila! We explore an idea. Why not use this habit and mix it with the newest image recognition AI?

gameplan & execution

Via Instagram Stories, we ask people to doodle their dream destination for us via the story function and use our hashtag, #DoodleDestination. May it be the beach, a mountain landscape or whatever, we pull the image through the Instagram API and run the doodle through a trained Google Vision API. Googles image recognition searches for similar photos in a Gettyimages picture database we expressly set up with pictures from our destination network. 

Matching images are published in our Instagram story with the doodle and the matching photo showing the dream destination, the map position and a swipe up mechanic with a link to the next Emirates flight to the dream destination. Of course, we tag the doodle artist in our reply, and if they share it to their story, we send them an extra coupon for their next flight. 

The already trained AI can also be implemented in every DOOH, which allows interactions and has an internet connection.  

Enjoy your dream!