Kickstarting Tenderness 

2020 POS Digital Social Campaign & Product 
Hacking a brand to do good
the mission

With the upcoming 120 Birthday of Milka, an impactful idea is needed to strengthen the brand promise for a new generation:


Milka, the most tender chocolate. 

the approach

Activate the Milka community to share the brand's tenderness promise into the world.

the idea

Social Media shares three things well:

(funny) puppy videos, really awful stuff you wish you didn't see and sharing acts of kindness.


Milka being the most tender chocolate bar, why not turn Milka bars into a "Good Deeds"-currency that will unlock pure tenderness for society and your social media feed?  

gameplan & execution

Milka calls everybody to participate in a kickstarteresque campaign with tenderness-goals to increase the amount of good we consume on social media, do good as Milka, and motivate people to do so, too.


The prominent target announcement will be to collect 120.000 points called "Good Deeds". 120.000 collected "Good Deeds" will unlock a 120.000€ donation by Milka for a trustworthy NGO. 


Collecting points is easy. You can either earn them by posting an actual good deed with the #MilkaTenderness on social media (and allow Milka to reshare it) or buy a Milka chocolate bar with the "120 Acts of Tenderness" redesign. Since going for one big goal is kinda "large" and feels illusional, the collecting marathon is split into smaller portions. Subgoals are easier to handle and always something to look forward to.  


These subgoals are the pieces that will make this campaign exciting and interactive. They will kickstart tenderness back into the hearts and minds of everybody.

The subgoal design is essential and complex. They balance the different stakeholder needs between public relations, social media and the marketing department, with their critical mission to communicate the brand message as the most tender chocolate bar.

Ultimately, the subgoals have to be interesting for the most vital stakeholder: the participating people, rallied up to do good. They need recognition and will judge the campaign by their highest standards and with a lot of goodwill. 


For the moment, using straight forward ones is sufficient to make them tangible. The subgoals can be as simple as: 

  • 120 Good Deeds:
    unlock an interview with an employee
    speaking about tenderness at Milka.

  • 60.000 Good Deeds:
    Milka Marketing Teams will get a day off
    to support local charity organisations. 

  • 120.000 Good Deeds:
    Milka donates, all participants earn an exclusive
    badge for their social media profiles and a thank you
    video by Milka executives to be shared. 


With a Kickstarteresque campaign, Milka will keep everybody involved, communicate naturally and generate momentum for the 120.000 Good Deeds celebration, which is another possibility for a meaningful activation on its own.


No surprise, after reaching 120.000 Good Deeds, Milka announces to keep going and collect more points but with the new goals and rewards.

It's a stretch goals campaign like you know it from every Kickstarter campaign, after all.

They never end, do they? 

Enjoy your chocolate, do good!