Explore experiences and processes for entertainment, advertising and work* aka the portfolio.  

*Why work, you ask? Because work is just a game in disguise, and often it's not done well.  

This is my digital work collection site. It's messy. I update this site with projects that I've worked on or even work on right now. It is a growing collection mainly consisting of different experiences I designed. But there are also some, and by some, I mean a lot, Motion Design projects. Surf around and enjoy my not-really-funny-but-ok-ish-humour level. With no further ado, have a lovely stay, and in case you need anything, please misuse the following buttons as you see fit.

The Collection 

2020 for Emirates
Large scale installation
2020 for Milka
Hacking Packing
2020 for Milka
Instore AR

Résumé time

Machine Learning for SoMe
2017 for Emirates

Shaping behaviour by design

As a game designer, I design interactions sequences, so called mechanics, which are satisfying enough on their own to motivate people to repeatedly do the same interaction. (This sounds.. kinda weird? Think about Super Mario and how you just jump from platform to platform and still being engaged in it.) Mix communication design and design thinking in, add a basic understanding of behavioural economics and voilà: You got yourself one kind of an Experience Designer looking for mechanics to motivate and support humans to create desired behaviours. 


Want to help humans with their physiotherapy, which they never get sufficient prescription for? I helped a medical startup and supported their draft for a gamified physiotherapy world using the Kinect 2.0., which is supported by health insurance companies because it motivates people to do their exercises. The progress is even reported back to your personal physio to improve and adjust your exercises as you progress. 

Want to inform humans about your immense and ever growing FMG-Portfolio? 

I conceptualised an interactive, Brick-and-Mortar store activation and SoMe AR experience that triggers different interaction whenever one of your products is in the frame. Discovering the whole range is way more entertaining with an explore, don't tell approach. (And you hardly put back what you already have touched excessively.) 

Asking yourself how to keep your teams motivated and working together in "work from home" times? Well, maybe we should have a chat and explore what you can do.

Besides designing and building an escape room, a platformer game, teaching at a university for applied sciences, I also worked at a WPP agency for 5 years now, where I became a battle-hardened Motion Designer and a pitch proofed Art Director.

So, concluding: I am an Experience Designer — a multi-discipline concept designer with a background in game- and flow theories. A keen interest in human behaviour economics, design thinking and an urge to explore uncharted technological possibilities just round up the package. 

That's pretty much it. Drop me a line if you want to know more.